Hair Inhibitor Review: Kalo Hair Inhibitor

In a previous entry, we talked a little bit about hair inhibitors.  While not a long-term solution like laser hair removal or electrolysis, hair inhibitors are meant to mimic the process of male pattern baldness, creating a sort of hiccup in the process of regular hair growth.  By applying the product to skin post-hair removal, one may slow down the process of regrowth.

But how well do they work?  The process makes sense, but perhaps the results don’t match the claims.  We put Kalo Hair Inhibitor to the test to find out if it does as well as its claims might lead you to believe.


Kalo Hair Inhibitor is best used after a session of hair removal.  Whether you remove hair by waxing, sugaring, or tweezing, the instructions specify that you should apply Kalo immediately after, and then three times a day for two days.  Kalo was applied as instructed.  There was no skin irritation or side effects from the application of the product, and it was quick and easy with good skin absorption.


Initial results were unclear at first, since the only way to tell is to monitor hair regrowth.  The test subject was testing back hair, so it was a little difficult to determine the “success” of the product.  That is, until the first waxing session, post-application.  The hair had become noticeably finer, with a wispy character.  The hair was still there, just less dense and voluminous.

Again, the product was applied as directed post-waxing.


On the second post-application waxing session, there was further evidence of smaller, less dense hairs on the back.  Kalo Hair Inhibitor appears to work very well at slowing down and thinning out hair in applied areas.  Not only did both waxing sessions go much faster and without as much pain, after some month’s use, it may be possible to stretch out the frequency of waxing sessions.


Kalo Hair Inhibitor may make it possible to enjoy fewer waxing sessions, it will come at a cost…comparable to waxing sessions.  At a price of anywhere from $40-$80 (plus shipping if you order online), you may find that you aren’t saving a ton of money by inhibiting hair regrowth.  However, Kalo is easily applied in the comfort of your own home, so at least you’re not traveling to the salon for your waxing sessions.

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